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"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." - Bobby Unser


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To create a customized college list based on information obtained through one-on-one expert guidance, up-to-date admissions trends, and data compiled from students' transcripts, test scores, preferences, and overall interests.

To create individualized action plans to present the best application profile possible at the time of admission.

To guide each family through the college search and application process from beginning to end, offering hands-on support and guidance to ensure a less stressful experience.

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Our Services


Action Planning Package for 9th and 10th Grade

 9th and 10th-grade planning which sets the student up for academic success to achieve their college goals with an individualized action plan.


The Comprehensive Planning  Package for 11th and 12th Grade

This package includes all student college planning from start to finish and can be modified to meet their individual needs.


The College Essay Package

Expert-guided brainstorming, outlining, proofreading, and editing to help craft your perfect college essay.

Our Team

Rebecca and Staci initiated their collaborative journey over 15 years ago when they found themselves part of the same 12th-grade English department team. Since then, they have consistently worked in close partnership on numerous projects. Their shared passion for assisting students through the college application process led them to venture beyond the classroom and into the private sector. Both Staci and Rebecca have obtained certificates as independent educational consultants from the University of California Irvine.

Pelman and Stone College Consultants are dedicated to ensuring that our clients' college experiences are as stress-free as possible. Our primary objective is to identify the most suitable academic paths for the students we have the privilege of serving. We recognize the significance and gravity of these decisions, and our mission is to provide guidance and alleviate the burdens during this exciting phase of life.

Staci Pelman

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Rebecca Stone

Joao Passos, NJ

"As a current Carnegie Mellon University student, I can confidently say Staci was an integral part of getting me in the position I am today. With her guidance in essay-writing and in creating my application I felt able to present my best self. I cannot recommend them enough"

Samantha Arbeit, NJ

"Pelman and Stone made the daunting task of applying to college more manageable for me. I cannot recommend them enough!! I don't think I would've even gotten into the college I'm going to without them. If I could rate them 6/5 I would!"

Afonso Machado, NJ

"This was an amazing service! Staci and Rebecca helped me every step of the way to find the best college fit for me! From the academics of the different schools to certain requirements I had for my college experience, Staci and Rebecca helped match me with the best option for me across the nation. Highly recommend for parents and students stressing over the getting into college process!"

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