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Temperature Check

Action Planning for Freshman/Sophomore Year

Tailored for students embarking on their high school journey from freshman to sophomore year, the "Temperature Check" package is designed to empower your child to make the most of their high school experience. We specialize in guiding them through the intricate process of course selection, fostering academic excellence, and cultivating a remarkable extracurricular profile.


Our approach is personalized and holistic. We collaborate closely with your child, employing diverse methods to evaluate their aspirations, passions, and aptitudes.


Central to our service is creating an individualized "action plan." This strategic roadmap serves as a blueprint for your child to build a compelling extracurricular and academic portfolio aimed at captivating admission counselors' attention. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to thrive academically and savor the joy of their high school years, all while keeping stress at a minimum for both students and parents alike.



  • Science-based program membership to assess aptitudes and potential college major and career path

  • Establishing a trusting professional relationship with parents and students through surveys and discussions 

  • Course schedule evaluation and planning

  • Yearly goal-setting and reflection

  • Review of academic records and progress 

  • Data driven-customized “action plan” specific to your child's college goals. 

  • Targeted extracurricular, volunteerism, and summer planning

  • Tips, planning, and discussions for optimal organization

  • Professional communication practice for interpersonal relations

  • Access to pertinent resources tailored to your child's needs

  • Resume building and continued updates 

  • Social and emotional discussions to help support a meaningful and productive high school experience

  • Four one-hour Virtual meetings 

  • Check-ins by phone calls, virtual conferences, e-mails, as needed 

  • Unlimited access to  a cutting-edge platform offering a wide range of powerful features for college planning 

Pelman and Stone College Consultants do not guarantee admission to any college or university.

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